Now I'm sure you metal heads will be clueless, but I was talking to a friend I met at a concert recently and we started exchanging guitar collection pictures... I noticed a D'aQuisto in the mix and I asked him about it (you don't see a lot of left handed D'aQuistos).

It's a Jim Hall model and the only one made left handed.

I got to thinking... How much is this thing worth? I am too modest to ask him straight up but he implied it was worth several hundred thousand dollars.

(By the way, this guy has the most insane lefty collection I have ever seen)

(The one in the middle, 4th from right/left)

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dude those are killer guitars
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dude those are killer guitars

You haven't seen half of this dudes collection. He only keeps about 20 guitars at one time. He said he has probably owned around 200 guitars in his life.

In the mix: 61 Strat, 77 Les Paul, L5, 68 Tele, 68 335... All lefty of course.
i like progressive rock
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Damn, that natural strat is sexy!!!!!

Yeah. Wish I had one now.
i like progressive rock
What is that strat in the natural finish? That looks sexy as hell.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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