ive got a mim strat that i like a lot and am just wondering if the american ones are much better, ive not had the opportunity to play and american and am wondering if there is much of a difference
I've played an American Standard and I own a MIM. It's there, but it's not as big as everyone says. If I had $1,000 and could redo the situation of course I'd get the Am. Standard, but the MIM's are good guitars, especially for the money.

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yeah i think my mim one is great im hoping to get some custom shop pickups for it pretty soon, then it'll be really nice
The MIA costs 2.5 times as much but it isn't 2.5 times as good.
If the MIA Strat is actually an option for you, then go to a store and check it out. When I was in the market (about 2 years ago) there was a night and day difference between the MIMs and the MIAs. The MIMs had really rough/sharp fret edges and the finish on the necks were orange peeled. The hardware seemed flimsy, too. I was buying a sunburst and the MIMs looked really tacky, but not as bad as the sunburst Squiers (which looked like toys). It was a big enough difference that even my wife wouldn't let me go with the MIM. A couple of months later I got sent to the Desert, and bought a $125 Squire Affinity Strat to take with me. It was all black, so the finish wasn't an issue, but the neck on it was much smoother than all the MIMs in the store at the time--with pro setup and the neck shim he put it, the Squire has almost as much playability as the MIA (although I miss that 22nd fret). Anyway, since those days I've come accross some fairly nice MIMs, but they seem to generally have been upscale models, costing almost as much as an MIA. You just gotta get out and compare them side-by-side at a store that carries all of them. Also, if money is an issue, don't rule out the Highway 1 Strats. Jackson (a Fender brand), LTD, and Ibanez also make some great guitars for well under $1,000 and many of them are a lot more versatile than Fenders (e.g., 24 frets, Floyd Rose Trems or hard tails, hot pickups--you name it).

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