Verse I
You tell me its hard to make up your mind
When it comes to lovin’ just anyone
You say it’s all just a waste of time
Thinkin’ only pain will come from love

Just give me a moment of your time
I will prove to you its worth it all

I will be the one, to sing you a love song
with a heartfelt melody you feel inside
I will hold you close, when you need someone
Someone that knows how to treat you right
I will give you time to make up your mind
Until you realize I’ll be the one

Verse II
I know you’ve been treated so unkind
Diamond tears fall from your eyes
Unsung Memories fill your mind
But I promise to give you all my love
Not Bad. 2 things: length and ending.

IMHO, it needs to be a little longer. It dosent give you enough time to really get into the song. Also I would like to see an ending diffrent from the chourus and two verses...

Other than that i really did enjoy this song. Beautiful rhymes, dosen't feel forced at all! xD
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