Poll: AC30 Vs Rocker 30
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Vox Ac30
5 36%
Orange Rocker 30
9 64%
Voters: 14.
I'm choosing between these two amps.
I play pop punk, powerpop, ska, shoegaze/indie.

budget=below $1500.
guitar=SG or Jazzmaster.

which one is your favorite? what are the main differences between the two in terms of gain, tone, breakup, versatility, ect.

I've played an AC30 and loved it, but i've been considering an orange amp for a while, and i think the Rocker is the right one to consider.
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two different amps. The AC30 has a top end chime and has more of a bark, while Oranges typically have more of a lower mids thing going and sound growlier.
Do you have any pedals or is it just the guitar and the amp?
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AC30 cranked would be maybe enough, but i think the Rocker 30 is a much better option.

Like al said, the things growl. Orange did a bunch of amp demos and they make the rocker really scream in it, go check it out.

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rocker 30 will sound better for all the mentioned genres except shoegaze. I would go with the rocker 30
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For what you're doing, I'd say the AC30 (this is coming from someone that is mehhh about Vox) and the Jazzmaster. I could see it covering that range of styles pretty well. I played an AC30 once before... twas alright, but then again, I'm the OMG shredzorz, kinda dude too.
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