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Is the idea behind this picture true or not
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
I wish.

EDIT: Works for Lemmy though. From Wikipedia:

In the documentary he [Lemmy] explained that while in school he noticed a pupil who had brought a guitar to school and had been "surrounded by chicks". His mother had a guitar, which he then took to school, even though he could not play, and was himself surrounded by girls: "In those days just having a guitar was enough... that was it".
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It is not very true, but when you are holding a guitar, it certainly grabs people's attention

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I wish.

me to buddy. me too
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Change it to an electric and dress him up as the lead singer for The Darkness. And Dolphin Shorts! Then, you are set.

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upside: works

downside: majority of chicks attracted are sluts
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^ Wrong Kensai.

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hardly works for me...

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looking at my and looking at some of the chicks i've went out with i say yes.
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that chick looks hot.

and of course it's true. Guitar skills = poon.
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DAMN! He's still doing better than me in the first pic!!

So no it doesn't work, not with a Bass anyway
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They seem to find it attractive when you mention the fact that you play guitar, but it's not like people have a giant arrow over them saying "I AM PROFICIENT AT PLAYING GUITAR."
Doesn't work for me, maybe cause im just a lesbian or idk, I think you get chicks once you're a rockstar and play the big gigs
Not really, shallow chicks might be interested just long enough for you to put down your guitar, and any other girl will probably see it as a desirable quality but won't be into you just because of it. The kinda guitarists that get mad amounts of chicks are usualy rich and famous, so that leaves one wondering "If it isn't the guitar, what could it be?"
last time I was with a girl like that it was $100 an hour, if guitar gets you money then yes
kinda true, people usually come up to me if I have a guitar, but it's annoying as **** and if chicks come up to you, it's for the wrong reasons anyways so who cares.
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Doesn't work for me, maybe cause im just a lesbian or idk, I think you get chicks once you're a rockstar and play the big gigs

Yeh, that could be it

Yeah, if only.
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So no it doesn't work, not with a Bass anyway

That's you're problem... just kidding I play bass too. We're better with our fingers yanowaddamean? No? Okay.
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Doesn't work for me, maybe cause im just a lesbian or idk, I think you get chicks once you're a rockstar and play the big gigs

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upside: works

downside: majority of chicks attracted are sluts

Where's the downside?

All I'm seeing is more upside
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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i don't know, i've had whole relationships that started cause i played guitar and became something else (Then ended, and it wasn't the guitars fault ) I think allot depends on how well you can play, what style, and if you can sing. (sing well + play well = the money shot) I think playing metal will get you different numbers and quality of girls than if you played more pop style stuff. Ideas?
I reckon it amplifies the person good attributes, or at least, their chick gaining attributes, say if you are a shallow man***** who will screw everything in sight, then yes, it does, because that person can use his guitar playing to strum some generic love song and so the person they are trying to woo (read as hit it, then quit it.) will melt if they are kind of person who would say "OMG JONUS BRUTHERZZ SING THEIR SONGS JUST 4 ME!!!!!11".

However, if you are someone who does guitar for the sonic beauty, you might have a harder time, as if you decided to show a chick some masterful epic of guitar they would just be like "oh.. that was nice..... can you play green day, they have really good guitars".
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It's more that having a guitar lets you get away with dressing like a mug.
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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Considering I've been playing guitar for six years and I've yet to even make out with a girl, this is not true. At least not for me.
there is more to it than just a guitar, but women do look fo a guy that is talented..... chicks go for jocks, why? because they are talented. talent tends to lead to success and chicks dig success

but just playing guitar is probably not gonna get you laid but playing a show def. ups your chances but you still have to do the work you cant play the guitar and expect panties to be thrown your way it just doesnt work like that
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