I have about $1600, and i've narrowed my choices down to either the Bogner Alchemist Series 112 40W 1x12 Combo Tube Amp, or the Orange Rocker 30W Combo Tube Amp. Which of these two do you like better? If there is something better in this price range for classic rock, blues, and almost every music but metal, let me know. I don't need anything greater than 40W, and am looking for tone more than volume because i can always mic it.... I have an attenuator, so i can play at home as well as at gigs. So which of those two, or any other amp in the $1400-$1800 range? Thanks
Orange fits your styles very well
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the cleans on the alchemist were amazing, but i wasn't a fan of the drive channel. i say go for the rocker 30
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No joke they are the best. Just a kinda long waiting list.
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If you go used, you could pick up the Rocker 30 for about $800 - 900. Huge savings for you there. Alchemists are going to be harder to find used since they just recently came out. Ceriatone would be cool too, but shipping on those things are crazy and waiting would suck There's someone on my local CL selling an 18w Ceriatone Clone (with headshell) for $750 though.
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Well you could save some money and buy a Traynor YCS50. I will give you the secret formula of tubes (only 1 NOS) to make it the best amp on the planet.

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Orange or Traynor sounds like a good match for you.

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orange-you will have limits yet great blues tone.......
traynor-will give you amazing 1968 plexi marshall crunch and good cleans yet not as great as the orange for blues just because its british voiced but yeah id go traynor because it will prolly save you some bucks and i really dont like oranges haha never have
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i know it exceeds youre approved wattage, but a peavey classic 50 is a wonderful amp for what you want
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