Well I ordered a Douglas SI-13 HB W/ Floyd from rondomusic.com and I have to say it is AMAZING! It took me a couple hours to set it up because I'm new with floyds but after I finally finished I was playing on an instrument that felt like <$500. Oh btw I dive bombed the crap out of this thing and it stayed in tune.

The guitar I ordered is http://www.rondomusic.com/si-13hb.html

and as promised here are some pics

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****en sick.
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On Its Way: Douglas SI-13 HB w/ Floyd

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It sounds pretty bright, but not so bright its shrill. know what i mean? its a nice bite to it. The humbucker handles distortion really good but I think with a pup change it can do better. the middle single coil has a smoothe sound, i really like that pup. and the neck is pretty weak imo but gives really good cleans.
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nice! i wa thinking about getting one of those a while back but didnt know how well the floyds worked...o well! now ive got my Warlock with an OFR!
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Wow, for only 160$?
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Except for the Floyd; nice. Congrats man, looks pretty and hopefully sounds just as good.

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sweet. congratz dude. New guitar day is always awesome. looks nice. Not a big fan of FR's myself but it doesn't really detract from the overall look. as long as you like it.

EDIT: nice hoodie by the way. Bronco's FTW!
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Wow, for only 160$?

thats what i said lol.

tbh i wasnt expecting much but am HUGELY suprised. I just wanted a floyd to mess around with, but wow..
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Grats on the new guitar
What guide did you use to set-up the floyd?


I just read the beginning about changing strings, and then having the base plate parallel to the body and winged it from there. I made sure all the strings were in tune then i locked the nut. easier than i thought it was gonna be i have to admit
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