Awhile ago this kid that went to my school made a song called "For Katie" and it was awesome, but he moved and i know he floats among these boards and i was wondering if anyone still has this song and if they could send it to me?
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Arthur Curry.

As he's known around here but does anyone have the mp3 to "For Katie"?
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my computer crashed awhile ago and i lost all of those songs. sorry man.

Damn, do you think KP still has them?
I agree, For Katie was an amazing track.

I'm petitioning for a remake.
haha i appreciate it really but i can't stand those songs. i'm recording some music soon, so hopefully you'll like it as much.

the truth is i recorded a lot of strokes rip offs. i think someone described it as "made-in-china brand of the strokes". i don't regret writing them or anything, i took away a lot from the whole experience and am definitely still influenced by that band. it was an imitation phase that i'm sure a lot of people go through before they find their own voice.

anyway, yeah, you could definitely ask katie for some of it. she has or used to have pretty much everything i ever recorded, like a hundred songs or something.