I been using the built in sounds on my Line 6 spider for a while now.but was never really satisfied with the tone. So I was thinking about getting the Zoom G2.? I heard you can connect it to straight to studio monitors or an audio interlace,and there is no need for an amp. Will I get a good sound if a go through my spider 3?
Generally speaking, amps with built in tones don't sound as good as straight, solid tubes.
Not really solid of course. But yes, you will prob get the best sound you can without going flat out and buying a Line 6 amp head. I'm a fan of their heads, not their amps.

EDIT: Yes I know his amp is a solid state just saying xD
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no probably not, but still just get a new amp for the price of that pedal
save more
and get an new ampx3
and if you want to do the whole 'hook to p.a' thing get a gt8
lvery good piece of equipmente n.n
The ZOOM is just a preamp. So it would need some sort of amp it wont power speakers on its own. It could be run into a mixer or powered speakers and the fx return or line in on an amp. If you dont like how the spider sounds it wont sound better with a multi FX in front of it. Trade it and your spare cash for an amp you do like the tone out of.