I have waited about 10 months to post this thread in hopes of someone else doing it. This band is beautiful. Anyone I show them to doesn't stop listening to them for weeks. They are from Vancouver but are now recording and living in Toronto I believe.
There second album O MY HEART, is beyond words, but TOUCH UP(first album) is even further beyond words. The guitarist is also really great, and alot of fun to watch play live.


"MOTHER MOTHER is definitely not a band to sit idle. The Vancouver based quintet are back with their sophomore album, O MY HEART, out on Last Gang Records (Metric, DFA 1979, The New Pornographers). O MY HEART shows all of the signs of a promising future. They placed producer Howard Redekopp (The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara, 54.40) at the helm, and set their course. The result, an artistic and original expression of modern pop music that beautifully combines novelty and nostalgia, profundity and play, to create a musical landscape that will leave the listener spell bound and captivated.
Mother Mother's use of rich vocal harmony, deeply poetic lyricism, and dynamic instrumentation are masterfully employed in this new collection of songs that mark the evolution and maturity of a band that stands out in today's music scene – a band with staying power, and one that pushes the bounds of contemporary pop/rock sensibilities.

"O My Heart provides a smattering of pure pop, mellow ambience, and glam rock. It's sheer genius." - Venus [4 1/2 Stars]

"Vocal Harmonies even Queen would be proud of" - UR Chicago Magazine

"Looking to get blown away by gigantic alt-rock hooks, and take a trip to a planet of sound that's fresh but somehow strangely familiar? Well, come on, pilgrim—here comes your band. Vamos!" - The Georgia Straight

MOTHER MOTHER's debut cd, TOUCH UP was a sleeper album that grabbed the attention of all the right people. "4 Stars" - The Globe and Mail. "An album isolated from a lot of today's worn-out trends and aesthetic mimicry" said Pitchfork Media. Cheeky Celebrity super-blogger, Perez Hilton distinguished Mother Mother to be "the most exciting band coming out of Canada" and Chart Attack remarked that "listening to Mother Mother is like reading Hunter S. Thompson – you end up in a place where reality has been delightfully skewed", an apt comparison, given the band's eccentric style – both lyrically and musically."