Has anyone here ever played the Xaviere guitars sold at GFS? They seem to be pretty decent for the price. I have been thinking about the XV-700. Any opinions on them?
It may be because I'm like a fanboy.. but I think you should check out rondomusic.com if you want quality guitars for low price. GFS has awesome pickups *so i hear* but their guitars aren't very good *so i also hear* but i know rondo makes some awesome guitars for amazing prices.
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I was looking at the Agiles but they were all very heavy so I was kind of turned off by that. I was also told that they had necks like clubs.
I actually almost bought an Xaviere LP used from Daddy's. I had never heard of the brand before seeing it there and I was very pleased with it but there was three guitars total I was seriously looking at and I chose an Ibanez Iceman instead. The Xaviere really sounded great and played very well I just have a few LPs alread so that's why I passed and took the Iceman but I went back later in the week to grab the Xaviere but I got skunked someone bought after hearing me talk about it. I only played one so I can't comment on the consistancy and quality of the line the one I played was great though. As far as weight goes I thought it was pretty close to a Gibby LP in feel and weight. The only thing that I wasn't crasy about is the bling type metal emblems/logo on the HS they were a little too gaudy but the guitar was so good I would have lived with it. I am not too sure what the newer ones have for a logo.

Agile are great all the ones I have played were awesome I don't think they are too heavy for a guitar. I have a bad back and Gibson LPs don't bother my back at all I guess it all depends on the person playing it.

Xavieres defintely would be a good alternative to Agiles. Though I will note that the Agiles are heavy because they aren't weight relieved, instead they're pure solid bodies like the older Gibson LPs.