As it's the season for Beer ads in Australia (Cricket season and scorching summer days) it's time we had a thread devoted to the best beer ads.



Washburn RB2500 (5 String)
Yamaha BB400 Fretless (1981)
Carlo Giordano 3/4 Upright (White)
Cort Action 4 (Stereo-fied)
Orange Bass Terror 500
Orange 1x15 Cab
Boss GT-6 Bass Multi-effects
all the new molson canadian ones

it basacially nails canadian life right on the head. Say what you want about stereotypes, but I've done every one of those things they stated.
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Balls to the Walls

I you're only paying attention to the beer, you may have problems.
No muerde, no calla
Sin sangre no hay arte
Nada ni nadie
De nada más

I think the Carlton Draught big will always be the champion of all beer ads
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the Captain Morgans holiday miracle commercials, not a beer tho but relevant.