probably a stupid question that'll get answered on the first reply, but seriously, why does everyone hate these things? from what i've seen, they sound pretty good, and being a marshall, they can't be near as bad as some of the other amps out there.
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The problem is, they ARE as bad as some of the other amps out there. With the MG, you are not getting what you pay for (Marshall-expectations).

Also, they sound alright, but for the money you pay for one of them, you could get something much better. Like a Vypyr.
As practice amps, they're fine. EDIT: Okay-ish

Anything larger than like the 30W is overpriced and there are heaps of better amps you could get for the price.

Inb4 use searchbar joke.

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here we go:
1. okay practice amp, big ones are just a huge waste of money (i would know)
2. tone sucks, by that i mean the cleans are dull lifeless, the overdrive sounds like somebody threw a blanket over my amp
3. not very durable, haven't ran into the problem yet but i've heard bad stories
4. trust me man, go play a nice amp, than you'll see what a good tone actually is
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As practice amps, they're fine.

Not if you consider that for the same kind of money, you can get better to much better practice amps: Vox Valvetronix, Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube...

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Anything larger than like the 30W is overpriced and there are heaps of better amps you could get for the price.

Correct, but as I said, that goes for the 30W and below versions too.
The input jack is soldered right onto the board. any hard knocks on the cable and it can break the amp, that is just stupid.
-poor value compared to other practice amps in the same price range
-well-documented construction flaws and wiring issues, tendency to break in transit
-doesn't live up to marshall expectations
-though it's debatable, the tone is weak. most experienced players hate the tone. many beginners can't tell it sucks.
-why get a marshall that isn't tube-driven?
The MG series amps aren't tube amps. Yes, some people I guess would prefer solid state amps but seriously, play a tube amp...maybe even a high end Marshall or Orange amp. Then you'd see the difference. Trust me, it's a huge difference.
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and being a marshall, they can't be near as bad as some of the other amps out there.

wow.. now thats being blinded by branding.
i used to think the same thing, but you'll find that as you keep playing, the flaws become more and more obvious, until you become an MG flamer like everyone else

and being a marshall, they can't be near as bad as some of the other amps out there.

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Well I have heard VERY bad things about them here on U.G and I would never buy one.
BUT the guitarist from one of my bands has an MG-50 dfx combo.It doesn't really seem that bad but then again he norm runs his HUGE digital boss pedalboard into it so that's all yu really hear.
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OK, here's the skinny. If you run a sh*tload of pedals through the clean channel of the MG, it is possible to get a good tone out of them.


They are very unreliable. And I mean very unreliable.
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The problem with MG's is that they're unreliable, over-priced and for the price there is better options. I also don't see the point in the 100 watt MGs which sound like utter shite, especially at loud volumes. the MG10/15's aren't bad as starter amps though, but like I said there is better options out there.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
the OD Channel sounds like gangrape.
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Yeah the OD channel is really garbage. It's like a badly EQ'ed MT-2. With a few tone-sucking pedals behind it. With a toddler constantly stepping over them.

It sounds alright when you scoop the mids, but even then, its pretty bad.
i had one

never again!!!
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Yeah i have one, but i just got a new valveking, so not goona be using it anymore. Don't buy one. I got mine for $180 (I know complete rip off) and it was 15 watts. Not only did i get ripped off but it also sounds like a cat scratching up against a piece of sheet metal when you try to play any chord.
My friend bought an MG 100, i thought it sounded great when i went over and played on it when he bought it, but recently we had this amp, as well as a Randall RG50TC and a Rolland cube 60 in a room together, and thats only when i realised how bad the MG marshalls really are. Out of these 3 similarly priced amps, the Randall sounded the best by far, the rolland tries to sound like the randall, and has some success, but after playing these other 2 amps, the marshall really makes me cringe when i hear it.
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They'd be okay if they cost like $50. Theyre okay practice amps but theyre overpriced and for how much itll cost you to get one, you could get something MUCH better.
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1) overpriced practice amps
2) the big ones are overpriced and not gig worthy
3) awful tones
4) can break in less than a month
5) you could get something better for the same price or less than what you pay for the MG
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Beat this locally they were selling a mg100dfx or whatever it was called head and a crate cabinet for 100$ I think its still for sale.. I want to get it but I need the cheddah.