are there any replicas of the gibson t-tops? i haven't come across one yet..
Lindy Fralin used to make a clone, not sure if they're still available. Could always have one wound by highorderpickups.com too. Have you considered the real thing? Sometimes you can grab a mid 70s T-Top for around $150 - $200 on eBay. Little pricey, but it's the real thing!
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Jeff at High Order Pickups makes a T-top. $75 a pop. Good (GREAT actually) deal if you ask me as his pickups sound spectacular, but he has a rather long wait time. (his website says 8 weeks) You might want to shoot him an email, he's a very nice guy. I actually asked him about the t-top wind not too long ago but right now still have not really quite decided on what I want.


I'm really just trying to decide between a set of these and WCR Fillmores (which cost $300 for a covered set. yet people swear by them, so Jim Wagner must be working some sort of real mojo in those)
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