hi pit monkeys

this is just alittle something ive been working on and would really appreciate some comments
HOLLY HELL DUDE! thats was fricking so god damn evil! it would sound heaps more amazing if it was finished. keep going with that evil progression.....like OMG wow i need to listen again
"We carry death out of the village!"
Critting as I listen...

The first riff reminds me of music you would hear in a movie soundtrack. Put some wind sounds over it, and it would be really good. The bass was a nice touch.

When the distorted guitar came in, it was really good, but a little too soon. Maybe expand on the clean section a bit? The chords were good, and set the mood well. Kinda went on a bit long though....

The 5/8 transition was good. I wasn't sure where you were going at first, but bars 36-on got the song back on track. You may want to edit that slightly in order to get the song back in order.

I liked the creepy way the song ended. I think you should expand upon the song overall, but keep that part to end it.

All in all, a really good, dark sounding track. Good job! 8.5/10

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The first thing that came to mind when it first started was Pink Floyd's "Hey You".
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