i need new strings for my acoustic cause its super old and the strings are crap. its a really nice vintage acoustic thats really old but so are the strings and they go outta tune way to fast and changing outta standard tunning sounds horrible. im pretty sure its just the strings cause some are from different guitars and some older than the guitar itself. suggestions would be nice, thanks
D'Addarios always work nice. You might also check out elixir, martin, ernie ball, etc. See what works best for your guitar and ears
^ Agreed.

Different strings sound different on different guitars. So your best bet always just to try them out for yourself.
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I prefer Martin Marquis or SP Phosphor Bronze strings. Make sure you get the same size strings as what's on there. You will need to change strings about once per month at least even if it sits around.
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whichever brand you get, make sure they're lights


I got medium jazz strings, which was the worst idea in my life. Anything from power chords to bending to barre chords is 10x easier with lights.
I like elixir, bit more pricey but sound great.
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