Alright, I tried a Brian May Red Special signature model a couple weeks ago. I loved the tones I could get from it as well as the sheer number you could get out of it, plus it has three frets on my strat and a more stable tremolo. Unfortunately though, I don't have $800 to buy a new guitar with. That's where a little-known brand called "Dillion" comes in. I have a PRS copy from them and it's a damn good guitar, so I know their quality is good, plus my teacher, who's been playing since the 60's and I assume knows a quality guitar, praises and plays them, so that gives me confidence in their quality as well.

To get to the point, they have a copy of Brian May's Red Special, and my guitar teacher, who's also a dealer for Dillion, can get me it for about $400. It has genuine Tri-Sonics, and it does look a bit different, but as long as it's not a wangcaster I'm fine with nearly any look as long as it sounds how I want it to, which the Brian May copy does.

Link for those curious;


So, thoughts on my getting one of those?

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