well i've been playing the electric guitar for some time now, but i ain't really a pro.
so here's the thing. one day i was playin my guitar, then i accidentally sat on the lead cord and after i pulled up my guitar, it got stripped off. i plugged it back in but it had this very loud buzzing noise when on distortion, and it goes louder whenever i touch any metal part of the guitar(strings, the bridge, whammy bar etc..) can any of u guys help me solve this prob? i have an second hand ESP guitar that looks like Hammet's "skully" guitar. but the thing is it ain't colored black. and the amp doesn't have any problems. so does the lead cord. i've tested it on other cords and amps and the same stuff happened. so yeah, any help would be nice.
Maybe it ****ed up the input jack...

Or the ground wire...

Open up the guitar and check for loose solder joints.
Sounds like the ground.

Open it up and have a look (take some pictures and post them if you're still not sure).
ground wire should be the black ones attached to every component. make sure they're all connected, cause if the grounding doesn't make it to the bridge/ body then all the extra charge that would otherwise run to the ground ends up going to your amp.