Well its been a while. I've been busy writing new songs and completing older ones, like this one.

It's called "Rolling Thunder" and its a thrash metal song, as per usual.
Its the shortest song i've ever posted on UG, at 4:07, and i think its rather good, despite the fact i'm still trying to learn to write solos...

Anyways, have a listen, give me some critisms on it and a rating out of 10, and in return, i'll crit your songs.
1. Rolling Thunder.zip
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I usually find thrash incredibly dull, but this had something special. I don't know exactly what made it good, it might have been the drums. Overall very good work, great thrash vibe. Okay a couple bones to pick, some parts were way to linear and scale-like. The verse section is bad. The chords are fine, but you have to put them in a different order. The ascending then descending pattern is laughable at best, its not a bad part if you switch around the order, otherwise it sounds like Im listening to guitar practice. The only other problem is the solo. It builds up and explodes fairly well, you've got the right scale and timings, but the note selection is once again very poor(just like the verse). Get out of the four note pattern and this will easily become a great song. Pull up the scale finder on GP and pick some more random notes, because once again it just sounds like guitar practice. Overall 7/10 but with slight improvement and better note selection it could be a lot better.
hey man, thanks for critting my piece!
I'm glad to see you're still writing and luckily still improving!
this song sounds like standard trash metal to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing (it's pretty impossible to write original trash songs nowadays ), but nonetheless i'd like to see something else from you...
the intro was kind of boring and unnecessary, which is something most of your songs have in common. the rest of the song was fast and hard, but it also started to drag after a while. I guess some vocals would improve the overall piece, but it's still important that the music by itself is interesting enough to keep the listener focused...
The solo was a lot better than in your other songs, but like the guy above me said, the notes didn't vary enough. you constantly hover around this one scale and it tends to get boring after a while... The solo sounds a lot like something kirk hammet would do (which i think is what you were going for) and i'm not too fond about that...
Overall this is still one of your better songs so i'll give it a 7\10, but try to work on it some more!