OK, I have a Jaguar Bass and when I play low notes (Bb> hard when only my Bridge pickup is on I get a disgusting kind of Clipping sound.

when I play it softer it kind of goes away.

and when I turn on my neck pickup and play it as hard/harder, nothing but sweetness, and the string hitting the frets.

if I turn the tone down it kind of lessons.

Don't know whats happening.

I kind of get the low mid frequency with the others just clipping.

Happens on more than my main rig.

Anyone know whats going on?
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
hmm, It could just be the output of the piskups too high?

try mibbie turning down the volume on the guitar, turning down pre-gain if your amp has one, or maybe playing though a pedal if you've got one?
its not the Gain... Just quietly.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
I get clipping whenever my bass' volume is louder than my amps volume. This happens more often on an active bass.

Turn down the gain, turn your amps volume up, down your bass' volume down a little.
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... Not the gain... happens on all Bass volumes.

I don't even put a battery in my Jaguar. so the Active/Passive switch works like a Killswitch

I prefer the passive sound.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
whats clipping?
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Clipping is when the input level from the bass is too high and drives the speakers to hard, causing a mild distortion.

Try lowering the bridge pickup.
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