I need help with EVH style tapping. I try and try and I just can't get it. My problem is that I can't get my left hand ring finger and my right hand index to line up just right and it makes my tapping sound horrible. Can you guys help me and maybe give me some insanely easy tapping songs?
Well, if it's that bad, take a look at the sticky - theres a simple tapping lick or two in there. You probably need to just slow down and focus on tone and synch between the hands.
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Definately, but I'm trying to figure out the best direction to take the series atm, as well as being pretty slow to record things.

Well all the theory I know is what you taught me and the major scale pattern of hole steps and half steps. SO maybe you could go from there cause that's what seems to go easiest. Anyways, let me know when you get more up. Your lesson are very easy to understand.