Hey UG, I've been working on some songs for a while and would like to see what you have to say on them (the link is in my sig) particularly the new one Soundscape 88
I'm also wondering what to do with this now. How do you get gigs as a solo project? What do I have to work on to make these songs better?
Any ideas are welcome.
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Getting gigs as a one man project is the same as getting gigs as a normal band.
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hey guys.. i'm new to this forum and fairly new to the music scene..i was performing with a friend who played guitar while i sang for about a year, and now it's just me learning the guitar for myself...

i need any sort of mentoring or advice that anyone has about getting gigs? how to motivate yourself to practice and make things happen (i quit my job to pursue music and i have no idea what i'm doing)

people are more than welcome to email me at meglynchmusic@gmail.com or check out my stuff at megandbenmusic@myspace.com