I mean Guns was and are crazyest band of all time and people should know something about 'em
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I did i cause so that people can hear who was guns n roses

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and what were they doin'

They are a very famous band. Most people have already heard their songs, heard about them and what they have done.

The thread you posted in just a minute ago is "THE" Guns N' Roses thread. To have more than one thread on a band is just excessive, and would lead to confusion and mess in these forums.

Also, you have an edit button.

It looks like this:

or this: .

Use it. These forums don't work like an instant messenger service where you post things as soon as you think about them. It helps if you gather your thoughts before posting, then posting everything you want to say in one cumulative post. It helps keep things clean around here.

EDIT: I think you would also benefit from reading through this forum for a bit before you go posting again and replying to four year old messages

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Learn to speak in proper sentences aswell. It's hardly possible to recognize wtf youre talking about.
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