Poll: Which generation is the pit's favorite? (Music wise)
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View poll results: Which generation is the pit's favorite? (Music wise)
7 10%
8 11%
21 30%
13 19%
21 30%
Voters: 70.
70s zep floyd crimson etc
90s tool dream theater (dont like 00s dt or 90s opeth)
00s more tool opeth cynic
60s john coltrane quartet hendrix cream sabbath
80s metallica megadeth slayer
Late 70s, Early 80s, Late 80s, 90s.

Punk, post-punk, Acid house, Hardcore, Jungle, Britpop etcetera et cetera...
90s or 00s, because they have a lot of diversity and most of the music I listen to is from then.
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1. 80's thrash. n.w.o.b.h.m, shredders
2. 90's Death, opeth, cynic, dreamtheater, obituary, children of bodom, etc, paul gilbert
3. 00's and 70's on the same level
for me its early 90's grunge era !!!

80's and 00's are my least fav... all the pop stars

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80's for the thrash, and then afterwards 90's.... for the thrash (Megadeth in the 90's were pretty awesome apart from Risk)
It was a toss between the 00s and the 80s. The 80s won.
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90's produced most of what i listen to
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I voted 80's. Not shure why. I like stuff from each of those decades, but the least from the 90's. Never really got into grunge and alternative stuffs.

You mean you are not 5M57 why?
60s and 70s, some of the 80s and 90s, but I generally listen to a lot of classics from the 60s and 70s =P
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You mean you are not 5M57 why?

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80's for hardcore punk, indie, electronic music and the revolution summer.
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00s for the most part
90s for some of the better progressive metal (all of DT's good albums, Cynic's "Focus", Atheist's albums, et cetera)