I've got a gig to organise for my A-level music course in college and we have a band but we need songs which incorperate a trumpet lol. Preferably well known up beat songs soft rock and moderately easy thanks
anything by five iron frenzy..haha.
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anything by less than jake

not really soft rock
but cool trumpet parts haha
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Look into mighty mighty bosstones, And you may even be able to incorporate trumpet into some Dropkick Murphys music, they use alot of bag pipes and tin whistles.
Look into Dominican Bachata or Meregue. A LOT of this songs have trumpet and sax and a lot of things, but some are simple and you may like them hehe.
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Alot of the old Chicago music used alot of horns as well. Chicago the band.

Good man. Also, "Conquest" - The White Stripes.
king for a day - greenday

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Look at some ska!
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Pretty Little Ditty - Red Hot Chili Peppers. You guys know that butterfly song? The really stupid one that's like "come my lady you're my butterfly... etc"? Well they sampled their whole song off a small part of Pretty Little Ditty.
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both by RHCP
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both my suggestions have been mentioned already. chicago or mighty mighty bosstones.
someone already mentioned them, but City of Delusion and Knights of Cydonia by Muse. Knights of Cydonia just has a trumpet part, but City of Delusion has a trumpet solo. But Knights of Cydonia is more well known.

And to whoever said King for a Day, that's a good one too. But it has kind of odd lyrics...

You could do Final Countdown haha.
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Any song by Reel Big Fish

Also, Handlebars by Flobots. Beware, dont bother attempting it only to kill the style of the solo. I'm a fairly advanced trumpet player, and I play it well. If I weren't as good as I am... people would just tell me to stop.
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Adhesive by Stone Temple Pilots has a trumpet solo................at least i think its a trumpet
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conquest,white stripes
Seagulls,the chicken of the ocean.

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