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I have looked at a few guitars and need help deciding on one, I don't really have a bias towards any guitars right now, I play rock of all sorts, metal (metallica, megadeth,avenged sevenfold ((shutup)) things of those variety) , and jazz for school, these are the guitars I have looked into and would like an opinion on, as well as anything else that may suit my style:
Schecter Synyster standard

Schecter C1 Classic

Gibson Explorer Faded

Fender Jaguar HH

Dean Razorback


ESP/LTD(?) PB500

My budget hasn't been set quite yet but it will be under $1,000 probably around $800
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I'm partial towards the Schecter C1 Classic, but the Gibson Explorer might be a bit more versatile. The Schecter will give you a better metal/rock sound and and alright jazz. The Gibson will give you a decent in both but not great in either. It also depends on what amp you're playing through.
I play a razorback. Its an amazing guitar. You have a very wide variety of different guitars there, a jaguar is going to be completely different than a razorback. I would say narrow it down to a specific. The Gibson would be very versatile, while a fender wouldn't really fit the whole metal scenario, and the razorback wouldnt be ideal for jazz band (although I've played mine in it). The razorback has a very meaty neck pickup straight out of the box, and I wont take anything over my dimebucker. In my opinion it blows EMG's straight out of the water.
Fender frontman 65r? it's pretty much the same amp that I use in jazz band, not really planning on using it for jazz band all that much though more for home practice and gigging (If I can ever get my band together )

EDIT yeah I know it's a wide variety, I'm just not looking to exclude anything before I make my decision, also not looking for anything with active pickups, forgot to mention that
Also, idk what they are going for lately but the razorback will probably be hard to have for under a grand. I got mine for $1,100, it was one of the first ones made and it was back ordered for 3 months, and I did a lot of working around with prices. I also can't tell you how many "dude sick guitar" comments I've gotten over the years.
Voted for the Ibanez, both the razorback and Synster sig are overpriced for what you get, imo.
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Has anyone played the C1 classic because my GC has it it's just a guy was playing it the whole time I was there so I got no chance to play it

it plays like any other schecter: Great.

The necks are like an Epi's neck but flat on the back and with a FB radius closer to 14"
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it plays like any other schecter: Great.

The necks are like an Epi's neck but flat on the back and with a FB radius closer to 14"

Ok I've played a few other schecters and liked them, and I like the neck on my current guitar (Gibson) so I think I get what you're saying, I was thinking it could be a little skinnier
Quote by jeremessmore
Has anyone played the C1 classic because my GC has it it's just a guy was playing it the whole time I was there so I got no chance to play it

I have a C-1 Classic and it is the best guitar I've ever played. It can do both Death metal and Jazz equally well. The neck has a very comfortable profile to me, unlike my Hellraiser 7 which I find a tad thick. The Jazz pickup in the neck has a fantastic clean tone but can also take distortion well. The coil taps on both pickups improve their clean tones. The JB in the bridge could be too trebly depending on your amp but it has very good distorted tones. The Vine of Life inlays also are stunning. If you're used to dots you'll probably be disoriented the first time playing it but after a half-hour it feels natural. I highly recommend it for a player of any type of music.
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Get the Explorer. Those are sick.
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I'd go for the C1 or the LTD

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c-1 classic is the best in my opinion good all around guitar. looks awesome quilted maple... sexy... the fret board work is also sexy. The JB is a good pickup for metal and harmonics while the jazz pickup is a good neck pickup if its not enough just roll back the volume a bit. Or keep your tone pulled back either way that should be good for school even tho jazz pickup is a little heavy for straight jazz... stupid misnomer...
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The only guitar that you will get away with playing jazz on is the jaguar really in my opinion.

It's a tough one trying to get a guitar to suit metal and jazz. Two very contrasting scenes.

Nobody here seems to pay attention to the fact that you want to play jazz? You just can't do it really well on a brootal metal axe..
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i'd go for the Schecter. It's an awesome guitar. you could totally play jazz on it. i mean, i do on my Ibanez Even, i've put a coil tap on it for SC tones, but seriously. unless you have uber-high output pickups for teh br00talz you can play almost anything on any guitar. just my opinion. the schecter's inlay should be easy to get used to, and if not just use the side dots.
Of all the ones you had up there, id recommend the explorer or the c-1 classic. Given you are comfortable with the c-1 neck (as with all other schecters), you will immediately fall in love with it. It has great tone, playability, value, etc... As for the explorer, this would be my second choice because although it is a bit pricey, you are getting a very versatile guitar with great playability.

Two I wouldnt recommend would be the Razorback and the RG. Razorbacks are nice guitars and have some sweet attitude, but they are WAY overpriced. IMO, the are also quick unwieldy to hold (heavy and pointy i mean). The only complaint I have with the RG is that although higher-end Ibanez guitars are great, they tend to come with lower value pickups. I dont know personally about these, but I have learned this from experience and you may want to ask about them before buying.

As for a great guitar around your price range, I would recommend you the esp ltd ec-1000. I know these guitars are fairly common and are very solid guitars for the price.

As for your statement:
Quote by jeremessmore
I would but
A) They don't have the one I want in GC

I know for a fact that GC will custom order special guitars you ask for, especially if its upwards of $500, sometimes you just have to ask when theyre getting a shipment, tell them u want to buy it, blah blah blah... just talk to them.

Another option you have is that alot of sites (i know schecter does) have a certified dealer locator on their site. You can locate any local shop that carries their brand of guitars, GC and many others. I actually discovered my dream guitar at an oddshop I had never heard of before.
Yeah definitely. The first time I played an explorer I loved it. I play alot of metal and heavy stuff and I did not expect to like a gibson guitar for metal so much, but it fits. Schecters, well, the c-1 classic can pretty much do anything lol. Its got a great set of pickups in it, I almost bought it myself until I discovered the guitar Im getting now.
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Woo the PB500 I suggested is on there

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anything with a jb/jazz config.
i played a jackson dk2m in ym jazz band, i justput on the jazz pickup and it sounded great,
but out of all the ones you suggested, the schecter. or the ibaez.
I thought you where getting a hh jaguar
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I accidentally selected 5 instead of 4.

I say the Jaguar.
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i love my faded explorer...

does everything how i want it, and gives me the sounds that can range from classic rock to metal and in between...
I'd say the Ibanez, contrary to what people you say you can get a nice clean tone out of them.

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