Are they easier to do on an electric because im at my grans practising on an acoustic and they sound a little quite, and also do you have any tips on how to get them louder if the answer to the above is no?

Thanks, Aidan.
lol@ "advanced techniques"

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I'd say that they are easier on an acoustic tbh.

I'm not sure how you personally perform tap harmonics but I actually pick and tap and the same time. My index positions itself an octave higher then the fretted note, then I pick the harmonic with my thumb which is behind my index. (I don't use a pick, I'm a fingerstyle guitarist)

Here's a video of Don Ross using the same technique, just with different fingers.

Go to 1:43
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try and do what highwaysalmon was talking about i have a friend who does the picked harmonics thing and it sounds soo much clearer than tapped ones, it is kind of tough though =/
I find 'em easier on an electric.
Just tap harder if you want 'em to be louder.
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My guitar isn't set up for tapped harmonics, but I've done them on a friend's electric, and they're easy. Acoustic they're harder than hell.
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I don't understand all these replies...tapped harmonics are MUCH easier for me on acoustic. Higher action brings out the harmonics more.
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Its cool guys, there alot easier on my electricwith some mild od. Thanks again guys for the brill replies, Aidan.
your suppose to hit it really hard
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