i see youre running away
from everything that scares you
dont run away today
because i cant replace you

i cant see why you find it hard
to stick things out until the end
i dont know why you find it hard
its me you need to defend

youre running away
from all of those who need you
they need you today

and you are not the one who has to

pick up the pieces when you leave
until you come back and apologize
but youre gonna go again
and then youll realise

youre not the only one
who has problems everyday
just put the past behind you
i forgive you anyway

and then we chase you
we try to bring you home
we cant replace you
and you are not alone..

by shane dawson c4c
Hack up her body, put it in plastic bags, and dump it in the woods. This will get you a laugh 9 times out of 10.

So, how are your iPods and your games, and your $200 jeans this Christmas. I got a ceramic horse.

Exo M6