well last night i got my early christmas present: a 1Tb external hard drive =]

i moved all my music onto it immeadiately, and everything was fine. for the first two hours or so.

but then i noticed windows media player had not brought in all the songs from the external hard drive like i'd told it. so i decided to clear out windows media player and start bringing all the songs over again.

but for SOME reason, all the files were sent OFF my external to my recycle bin (i know there is an option in there to change this, and i thought i had, but even if i hadnt, thats not the problem.)

so i decide to clear my external and just move all the music back onto it.

now, however, its not letting me do that. all the music is still on my computer, but for some reason its saying it is not. and it says the files on my hard drive are not there, but according to my computer, its still using the memory. i cannot erase anything off my hard drive and i cannot put anything else back on there. any ideas on what the problem could be, pit?
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is there a format option? since there shouldnt be anything else except your music (and its still on your computer) you could format it and then try again.

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There should be an option to rip directly from the device.
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computer thread?
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