Ive been looking into this, and its a cool concept, and this is how I see it. Basically you are alternate or sweep picking something, and instead of going in logical order you skip the next string. Correct? This is a good example from a UG lesson
v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ etc.


But is this also string skipping here?

Also could anyone recomend me some songs that involve things similar to those? I don't want anything too over the top shredding, but I don't want it to be Mary had a little lamb.
Well try Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson. That has some string skippin' in it.
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Look at paul gilbert's scarified, the 05 version. look it up on youtube, spaceship one DVD.

for less shred, look at his norwegian cowbell, the gargoyle for more advanced stuff.
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But is this also string skipping here?

Yeah, it is. Look up string skipping on wiki if you want some more examples.
Definitely look into Paul Gilbert, he almost exclusively uses string skipping over sweeping. Apart from the ones mentioned, look into the outro of Eudaimonia Overture. It involves some basic string skipping as well.
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And um, Shawn Lane. Paul Gilbert might have utilized it for some very catchy effects but if you want truly outside and insane string skipping look around for some Shawn Lane; much like Paul Gilbert was exclusively a string skipper and used this technique to create some very outside music. Try looking into some of his string skipped diminished runs. Fast, clean and not from earth.
Ive been looking into this, and its a cool concept, and this is how I see it. Basically you are alternate or sweep picking something, and instead of going in logical order you skip the next string.

But is this also string skipping here?

String skipping is just when you skip a string. That's all. Nothing confusing about it.
Try playing Paul Gilbert's "3 string guitar riff".
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If you skip a string, you are string skipping. It can be small or it can be big. Don't get too wrapped up in the details with it.
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Try playing Paul Gilbert's "3 string guitar riff".

Your either referencing three E's for Edward or Get out of my yard (great album btw)

Umm and as far as i know neither of those have string skipping, since his 3 string guitar has only three E's on it there wasn't a whole lot of string skippiong going on there, but a totally awesome riff nonetheless.
Get out of my yard-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vS6syL0-jM
Theres a tab for it somewhere on UG, but you have to get two strings tuned to E and technically this involves tapping unless you have a human capo and keep all your other strings on.

Three E's for Edward- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4NNE3NRjJQ&feature=related
I havent seen a tab but im sure one exists, and the tunning is the same as before, i don't think this will help you with string skipping at all but they're pretty cool to watch
Here's something you can do, if you want to get better at string skipping. It's a kind of improvisation game. The rules are simple. You are only allowed to play on the 5th, 3rd and 1st (or 6th,4th, and 2nd) strings. Now improvise for 10 mins.

Over time, you'll come up with some cool licks, and it will begin to feel natural, and work it's way into your playing style.

Warning - first time you try this, you may feel like a retard, because it's tricky at first to come up with anything that sounds good. But after that, it's surprising how fast you start noticing a difference.

This is in addition to working on the mechanics. You have to do both. What I suggested is more about learning how to use it.
^ cool, enjoy!

You can apply the improv game to any aspect of anything you want to explore more. For example, if your pinky is weak, you can do the "I'm only allowed to use my index & pinky" improv game. Another one is the "almost every note must be trilled" improv game. The list goes on. It seems to internalize things in a way that just playing a lick a million times doesn't - probably because it's putting you on the spot a bit, and making you think of ways you can use whatever it is you are exploring.