How do you guys feel about this pedal, as far as pedals go? Is it worth the hundred bucks, because I'm getting it for Christmas. I never really used it, so I don't know what I'm expecting.

I've heard so far that it's descent, and worth it, but is it easy to use? How are the different cabinets and amp styles? And how are the effects, as far as the wah, whammy, and tremelo? I've heard that it does have descents delays and echoes.

Is it difficult making your own effects, oris it something you have to mess around with?

I'm new to multi effects pedals, so I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions.
I have and use on a consistent basis the RP-70 and it is a good pedal once you get used to it. I would expect the 150 to be highly similar. The only faults I can find are that when you bypass the pedal, your amp will be louder or quieter than the pedal till you adjust master volume on the pedal, and the chromatic tuner is very sporadic. If you could get a BOSS
TU-2 Chromatic tuner pedal and whatever else BOSS pedal effect you will use, you would have much more reliable tuner and quality effects, but if not, the RP-150 will hold up well for a while.
I would go with the rp-350 if anything, it has way more added on, and you would like it more, I own a 350 and I have used my friends 150, the 350 is far superior.
I'm Luke.
i had a rp-150. i liked it, but i grew out of it. its not bad. some cool features. i personally didnt like the digital interface and having to scroll through everything. but once i got the presets, it wasnt bad. not really giggable, but a fun practice toy.
Quote by chris024
not really giggable, but a fun practice toy.

Most multi effects aren't, but it's just something I wanna practice with.
then you will be happy. i needed something to gig with, the boss me-50 had similar effects but a bit easier to change around on the fly, and more changing options.
One more question for now, would I be able to buy an expression pedal that I can hook up to it, for the wah or whammy effects?

I was reading around and a few places say you can, but I wouldn't know what kind, or whether or not I need a specific one, and would it be worth it?

...sorry, I lied, that was 2 questions.