Has anyone came accross them before?

I saw one in the guitar shop near where I live

and it was a les paul, but with f holes, making it an archtop

and i played it, and it sounded lovely

it had 2 humbuckers and came in wine red

does anyone know anything about them?

it is left handed and £159
i had one a long while back..it was a strat copy and in wine red. The quality was pretty decent considering i'd paid 160$ for it.. it was with a HSH setup.. the only thing that died was the pickup selector..it cud select in only 3 postions after a while..but thats pretty cheap to fix.
Its an allrite guitar to have around if u like it.
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I have a Johnson strat copy at the moment. I've had it for several years and i must say, its held up pretty good. Its been bashed and beated alot and its still a very nice guitar.
The only thing is that most Johnson guitars are ment as beginers and starter guitars. But even so, they are pretty good guitars. The one you've run accross is probably better and more higher end than most of thier models, so i'd say its a good deal.
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they look like nice guitars. i played a Rhoads model, but i didn't like the neck on it
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Them guitars are nice but get away from their amps
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I have one! It's a Johnson Catalyst model. I love it! It's a great guitar and I recommed it to anyone.