i'm new to the forum and i thank you for any response. I joined this forum so i could get some answers, I have a peavey special 130 amp and an ibanez rx 240 .I can't for the life of me get any kind of clean sound...( i turned the volume off 10 and it helped alot...but with no volume setting on the amp.....?) I am guessing it has something to do with the factory pick ups or is it the amp itself? also what do all the knobs on the front due i have been playing on this thing for about three or so years now and i know where to put them to get what sound i am looking for the best i can but i do not know what they do... i understand the EQ and the reverb but this is what i don't know: there is a + - switch next to the power switch ???? then it says high gain and low gain inputs ???? now the knobs... lead gain,3 knobs 1: it says pre and pull bright ( white ) 2: saturation ( grey )and 3: post ( this knob is blue ) next there is a knob " normal gain" under it pre pull bright ( white ) also under the equalization there is a knob that says pressence i have adjusted these knobs at various intervals and i can tell it changes things but how i don't know also if these questions are answered on another thread or if i should just ask them over there please point me in the right direction
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ok, heres my best answer, this amp is hard to find info on.
if you play it on volume 10, then you will never get a very good clean out of it do to the fact that it is a solid state amp, plus its max volume, damn loud.
but the knobs you describe dont make any sense, usually theres a tremble, mid and bass for each channel, the bright switcfh makes it sound more glassy like, and loudre, makes it less bassy. teh saturation button might be a kind of boost which add extra gain.
my camera died and is charging so as soon as it charges i will post pics in my profile............. there is NO volume knob on the amp at all!!! there is an equalizer with a low knob a mid knob(small in middle more like a dial really) and the outside says shift, there is then a high knob and a pressence knob in the equalizer thanks for any info
ok i went to peavey.com and clicked support and browsed manuals and found mine so now i will be able to see what the knobs do....................but what they mean i will have more questions more to come.....( also didn't know if i pull out on the knobs slightly some of them do two functions....yeah now i'm getting somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!