I bought a precious Dean Evo 60 and a Roland MicroCube as my starting gear, but I don't know where to start off. I know some Chords (mainly G,C, a form of F in Open Strings, A, D, E, Am, Dm, Em and most of them in 7's) but I lack absolutely knowledge of scales and musical theory.

Thus, I'd like your opinions on where to start off now I have my electric gear, and not acoustic gear. Just as an FYI I can for example play songs like Seek and Destroy (excepting the solo) and Iron Man, but I feel stuck too on my playing (mainly because of my hand technique and trying to play at the proper tempo, instead of slower) so if you have any recommendations be in in what to do, other songs to try, etc, I'd appreciate it.

I especially look forward to your songs and "what to learn next" suggestions! Long live the Guitar!

EDIT: If there's a place, too, to look at some proper hand technique let me know. I think I am doing something wrong with my left hand because when I play at times, it goes stiff!
Start learning some scales if you want to play lead, your pentatonics, blues scales, etc. I had been playing self taught for a year and I just started learning them yesterday at my lesson. Also I highly recommend taking some lessons at some point they helped me alot so far.
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Crap. I forgot I knew those.

I do know the Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales (learned them at A and E, then saw it was a pattern v.v due to CAGED), well one of the patterns. I don't know the Major though. I am going to delve into it. So Scales it seems is the way to go, + theory. Any songs you know I could play?
I would way learn rhythm first and how to keep rhythm

since you know a hand full of chords learn how to play in keys, how to keep rhythm, and once you master this move to scales and lead guitar.

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