Found a great manufacturer called Tradition Guitars while I was monkeying around last night. The prices on their guitars are amazing. Wanted to know if anyone has had experience with the company or the guitars. Are these quality instruments as presented by their website?

Positives? Negatives? How do the guitars sound?
I had one I bought a number of years back for around $300 CDN

great value for the money, Nothing exceptional by any means, but nothing really to complain about
haha yeah, harmony central gives them extremely high ratings. I dunno if it's fair to label them as knock offs though. If I can get someone who has one to comment I'll put in an order :]
I had a bass by them a while ago. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.
All right deal for the price
There are quite a few of these guitars floating around my area, mainly the strat-shaped variety. Like the others have said these guitars aren't anything special, but they're not bad either. I believe they are worth the cash, but don't expect an amazing over the top instrument by any means.

Also since the name isn't too well known, the resell value of these would probably drop significantly. These get mixed up with the gagillion other off-brand names so if you do buy one new, plan on getting an instrument that will be something you want to play in 5 years
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I have one..one they dont make anymore.
but i love it soo much.

Ive had an Epi Limited Edition Explorer, A Tele, and a Semi-Hollow w/ Gibson pups,
and I still end up playing my Tradition at the end of the day..