hey my problem is'nt that i cant learn the riffs and such but its remembering when to play the chorus, verse, and little riffs. Does anyone have anytips on learning to play songs in order faster?
I think everyone learns differently. Sometimes I learn parts of songs and then go back to them later. When I practice others things, sometimes it makes songs that I though were difficult, much easier to learn when I come back to them.
i think its more the remembering part he needs help with. In my case i would just listen to the song everyday on my mp3 and make a note of what happens and when. Takes a long time but it gets done.
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umm...it goes verso,chorus,verse 2,chorus, just play it along with the song/powertab/gp/ dude!
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The way i learn a song is, learn one part then play it along with the song.
Then learn another small part and play what i know with the song. So by the end you already repeated most of the song a couple of times and it should be in your memory by then.
But then again im really good at memory. I know the lyrics to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of songs in my head.
Listen to the song, best thing you can do. Maybe print out the tabs and look at them while listening.
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Quote by chrisx16x2008
hey my problem is'nt that i cant learn the riffs and such but its remembering when to play the chorus, verse, and little riffs. Does anyone have anytips on learning to play songs in order faster?

- Learn songs you're already familiar with.
- if you're not familiar with the song, don't bother learning it...... spend time listening to it first.

If remembering where the chorus and verses are is a problem, you simply haven't listened to and/or paid attention to the song enough.
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I play the song while looking at the tab untill I dont need the tab anymore...then I just play along with the song every once in awhile to keep it in my brain. It seemed to help me alot in remembering songs.
Listen to the song, a lot, until you know it from memory. You'll always struggle to learn a song if you don't know exactly what it is you're actually trying to play.
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I don't know if this applies to you or not, but a couple of things that helped me:

I used to spend a lot of time working each section up to speed first before joining them together. Now I'll learn them slow without worrying about the speed. Then join them together so I can play the whole song. Then go back to the sections and build the speed up a bit, while still playing the whole song a few times each day at whatever speed is comfortable. It just means that I get to working on the thing as a whole sooner.
The other thing I learned which is highly helpful, is that I'll practice sections, but include the first/last bar of the section before and after it. That helps me know where to go when I'm working on bigger parts.
Practise first. Then practise summore.. and follow that up with a little more practise.

Thats the real trick really. Practise really does make perfect if you didnt know this already.
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Just keep learning songs, eventually you will see the same things show up in song after song and be able to chunk it all together.
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Learn all of the notes slowly, in time, then build speed. If you always try to play the riff at tempo, most likely it will be sloppy and you'll make the same mistakes over and over. Also focus on the trouble parts more.