So this holiday I've been looking at some Dr. Z amps at my local music store and I am very interested in buying one. I was thinking of buying a head instead of a combo, but i don't have a lot of experience with cabinets/speakers etc. The three Dr. z amps I've been looking at are:

Route 66: 32 watts
MAZ 38: 38 watts
EZG-50: 50 watts

I wasn't a fan of the Dr. z cabs to be honest so I'm looking at maybe an avatar.
I was thinking of just using a 2x12 cabinet, but how much louder is a 4x12?

I have a few speaker choices but am not sure what to choose:
-2 Celestion G12H Heritage: 60 watt cab
-2 Vintage 30's: 120 watt cab
-2 Alnico gold's: 100 watt cab
-or a mixture of any of them
-possibly 4 alnico blue's: 60 watt cab

What would be your choice of speakers to match any of those amp heads? Are the alnico gold's worth the extra money to provide a high wattage cab for future use with other amps?
more speakers does not make it louder, just more defined and stuff like that, it's more tonality wise than anything
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