hey guys, i'm looking for a super super cheap PA system, just for practicing because I know that down the line me and my friends would need to spring for a higher quality PA system. buying a 200-300 ish dollar PA system right now seems like a waste, as we would probably end up needing a nicer one in the future.

so right now I'm looking at..


which is basically a PA with a wireless Mic at 99 dollars



a pignose Lil' PA at 140 dollars.

would either of these be good enough just for band practice? right now we're using a mic plugged into a 10 watt marshall, which sounds pretty terrible. would this be a step up?
no, neither is loud enough for a band practice.

not eve the 200-300 dollar range ones are enough.

they come closer tho depending on how loud you play
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thanks fightingirishpj, but any other opinons? we don't play that loudly i think, and would it at least be a step up from our current mic into 10 watt practice amp?