I am constructing a custom string gauge set because I play in drop c, and the 6th string is always much looser than the other strings, and I figured that if I could pick a better string gauge for the sixth string I could probably pick out the individual gauges I want and end up happier, or that it was at least worth a shot.
To that end, I came up with these gauges (I used a program I found called the "Universal String Tension Calculator" for the tensions the strings would exert on the neck):
.12- 17.44 lbs
.16- 17.40 lbs
.22- 20.72 lbs
.32- 22.80 lbs
.42- 22.36 lbs
.64- 22.43 lbs
This is on a 24.75" scale set neck guitar. My two questions are: 1) Will it hurt my neck to use these gauges, either short term or long term(I do not plan to tune above drop c, though I could conceivably need tune to D standard), and 2) Is there anyone with experience regarding this type of string customizing that could tell me if the gauges and tensions I came up with would make a good set( i.e. one of the strings should be less/more/or they all should go up a gauge or down a gauge)?
theres no way in hell that you are ever going to like using a 64 gauge on the drop C. that is just way too big compared to the other strings. i use a .054 or .056 on my 24.75 scale for drop C and the tension is just fine.
Well Enough Alone
It seemed very high to me, but it was the lowest gauge that had a similar tension to the fourth and fifth strings? Should I just leave the sixth string looser?