Seasons greetings.
Thinking of treating myself over the festive period. Can't decide between the Boss ME 50 and 20. Is the 50 worth the extra £50? ME 20 looks a lot smaller and neater, but is there much less in the way of features. I'm no pro, just looking for something to add a bit more to my home playing. Classic rock and indie rather than metal.
Thanks in advance....
You see a lot more me-50's around. I'm not saying you'll want all 22 distortions but it is probably a better deal. Still play 'em both and see if you can live without the extra's on the me-50
ive got the me-50 and i like it, it is effect based, versus amp modeling, so it really shines when paired with a nice amp
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You could also consider the equivilent Pod but the me-50's very good for the price
I have the GT-8 and i know it's not really comparable but i'd just like to vouch for the quality of Boss/Roland Multi-fx. I do gigs regularly plugged straight into the pa!

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