The Spanish exchange student at my school, whom I am friends with, is looking to buy a guitar. He keeps looking at Ibanez Gio's, so I told him I would look, but I haven't yet, so I ask UG: What is a good guitar for a guy that's going to play AC/DC, Metallica, Guns N Roses and other stuff for under $250 USD?
I personally dont like the gio, but I have a BC Rich Beast Avenger and its awesome. You can get it for like 250
I used to have a Gio and I thought it was fine. Not the most versatile thing but it was good to learn one. maybe look for a Schecter Damien 6. I think you might find one of them for about 250.
Used Epiphone maybe with humbucking pickups or Yamaha Pacifica HSS
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Ibanez ART100 is by far the best guitar for the money in that range...HANDS DOWN!!!
I agree with either the RG321 or the ART100

Just ask him "¿El Les Paulo o Superstratimo?"....cos that's how they talk, you know.
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