Hi, ive been playing bass for a while and im trying to find a good quality 5 string fretless bass which is not too expensive. So please no discussion about starting on 4 string and fretted etc because i have. The bass im looking at is the Dean Edge Fretless with 5 strings: http://www.deanguitars.com/edge_456_fretless.htm

Does anyone have an opinion on this bass, or something i shold know about before i consider buying it, i dont know anything about the wood its built with 'basswood' is it good quality for basses? Thanks.

oh, and im playing mostly metal.
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I used to own a Dean Edge 9... let me just say this, Dean isn't known for their basses. For a 5 string fretless, I've played an Ibanez Gary Willis signature, that was pretty nice, but also look into Fender and Schecter.
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my first bass was a dean 5 string. i liked it but the tone was a deep tone and the neck wasn't too great. ok starter bass. try a couple dean's first to see if you like them. if it's just for messing around with it could be ok but i'd probably suggest something like this.

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thanks ill look into those. Could you please elaborate.. whats the problem with the neck?