Im buying a new amp but haven't decided on wattage. Im wanting an amp that can be good for punk and/or thrash metal band. an amp which is good for a garage band practice,Church Practice,and small gigs.An amp that will be heard in a band with me( the guitarist), bassist, and a drummer. Im thinking about a The Raven RG60 Watt. But i think i will enjoy 75 and love 100. Give me your thoughts.
price range?
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well it seems you are looking at solid state amps only then?

i'm getting a 15 watt tube amp for practicing, gigging, and recording..

whats your budget
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This belongs in the GG&A thread

Honestly Ravens are horrible in their price range

There really isnt much for 200 that you can get that can do all that
maybe if you look used you'll find an old Crate Blue voodoo combo or something
Try pushing it up to 500 and look for a B-52 AT-112