So I just did the christmas eve cleaning of my room and I found like 4 effects pedals the dont work that I forgot about which made me think " where do I go to get effects pedals fixed?"

PS I have no interest in learning about electronics
go to your nearest GC and let them fix it
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Just take them to a GC or an electronics store. Most electronics stores can fix just about anything; however, I'd call them to see if they will, or know what to do.

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i know you don't want to learn about electronics, but if it's just as simple as a switch is broken, just buy a new switch, pop off the old one and put on the new one with a simple 10 second solder...

idk if GC fixes pedals... you could probably sell them on ebay for some cash tho
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Most places wouldnt have an idea of how to fix pedals. Depends on how they are made some use the small surface mount stuff which is alot harder to work with. Also depends on the pedal if it cost 100$ or less usually better to buy a new one.
Well people usually give them to me to fix but GA is quite a drive lol

Just call up some local guitar shop and ask them to get you the number to a few techs in your area. Also most stores dont have an onsite tech then just hand it off to someone local.
if your planning on fixing 4 of them...probably learn electronics see if you can do a simple solder to fix it, cause its gonna be cost prohibitive unless you got a good friend who will do it for cheap
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