Influenced by Slayer and Metallica
I personally like it, but i think the solos aren't 100% ok

Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001
Ronnie James Padavona 1942-2010
Darrell Lance Abbott 1966-2004
Jon Nödtveidt 1975-2006
Per Yngve Ohlin 1969-1991
Øystein Aarseth 1968-1993
Joe Ptaceck 1973-2010
Ace Börje Thomas Forsberg 1966-2004
I like Figure 1, but Figure 2 sorta kills it, a way too generic metalcore thing to do D: Your verse riff is definitely Metallica-like, but well there's nothing wrong with that, it's supposed to be Metallica influenced so it's good. Chorus is cool, just a bit boring for my taste. The bridge and solo is good stuff, I think it'd be good with some variation for Figure 4 though. I'd like a more definite ending to the song but fading out is still fine.

Pretty cool overall dude.
pretty good, but figure 2 is out of place. myself, i have problems with writing songs on gp, as i want my songs to vary, so i have like 10 incomplete songs and no full one.