First forum post guys, be easy on me. Im liking the site so far.

Yesterday i got my RG2EX1 for christmas, and im kind of confused.
On guitarcenter.com, it says it should have a 3 way toggle switch, mine has a 5 way. My buddy has the same model, and his is 3 way, and the pickups say "designed by EMG". Mine says V7 and V8. There is a buzz for the E string, but i have looked at it and the action is pretty low. But everything on the guitar is perfect. For me that is. So im just curious as to why the hell are these things different from my friends? Is it just a new model?
Not sure about the switch... Does the switch work right? What tone/sound differences do you have with each spot on the switch? Do you know how a 5 way works vs a 3 way? If you do just see if the 5 way switch works like the three way should and then what those extra two spots sound like...
yours is the new one im pretty sure.

which is funny because i think they are now discontinued, because they arent on ibanez.com anymore. come to think of it, ive never seen the RG2EX1 on ibanez.com
well the buzz can be fixed by just raising the bridge on that side...google how to set up a guitar, it's well worth it to get the guitar exactly how u want it....idk bout the switch though, how can a HH guitar have a 5 way switch?
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