http://www.dragongamez.com/bratinvasion.htm i just thought it would be apropriate for xmas time all you do is kill kids :
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The most ****ed up thing a woman can to do a man is give your d!ck an indian burn, or bite it off.

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good game, dont know if i can be bothered to play again

ah fk it i will
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If you take a jar, and whisper what you want to hate into it, then close the jar, coat it in crunchy peanut butter, and shove it up your ass. I'm pretty sure you could hate everything after that.
got bored after 12000. could've gone on forever...
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I don't think any words should be censored.

Especially faggot since homos aren't real people and all.

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Man City wont win anything and finish below Arsenal.

city: 3rd + FA cup winners.
arsenal: 4th
damn i thought it said britain vision, i thought we would be drinking tea! damnit! this sucks.