well im mainly into metal (like some punk) and im interested in having a project, i can't build or anything like that as im useless with a soldering iron or power tool, but whats the best way to make a good v shape guitar

i was thinking of the shape of like a


or a




ignore the prices as im not willing to spend £3000 on a guitar

would it be best to buy a cheap guitar and add like a dimarizo x2n's and change the bridge, maybe change the neck, (im hiring someone to do it for me), or would it be best to just wait and buy the ideal guitar (i would change the pickups as no guitars come with dimarzio x2n's except the chuck schildner signature)

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do guitars like that have a good build quality though?
Jackson KE 3 Trans Black
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Siggery Custom

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Might I suggest poking around this website?
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your best bet is probably to save until you can get something good. if you buy something which is too cheap, and then have to spend a ton of money to upgrade it, you're likely to end up spending more than would just buy you a nice guitar in the first place...
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