Hey all, i dunno if im supposed to post this here, so go easy on the bashing if its the wrong place. this is a pretty dumb question i think, but i thought id might as well ask.

to play something like this:

or, in general any chord where theres a string between the 2 note that you dont play, would you finger pick those chords, or is there a special way to play that? thanks :P and sorry for the dumb question
ok ty but i didnt know if they finger picked in metal/hard rock songs(that tabs from dancing dead by avenged sevenfold) so ya, but ty for the help
Yeah, you would play as a finger picking.
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yea iron maiden did a couple finger pickin songs sounds cool
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Mute the string in between them and play with a pick.
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finger like a power chord, but use the index to mute the middle string, just lean it on the string a lil bit

That. It's a pain in the ass the first few times but you'll get used to it.
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hi there!the run down that gets played twice is done in octaves(as i'm sure you know)..you can play this using only the pick by playing it in the style of a power chord but using the finger that goes over the middle string as a dampener.I didnt explain that very well but i hope you understand.tony iommi used them for the ironman riff and hendrix used 'em alot.merry xmas!
those are octaves chords
you just mute the string in between the other two
watch a video of some cover of the song you wanna learn and see the way that guy puts his hand