now, although I've had one for quite some time now, I've never actually used it, as I've seen it strictly as a timing thing, and my timing with live musicians is quite good (possibly from playing bass for two years). but anyway, I'm interested in using one now. How does one practice with a metronome? Just pick along with whatever beat thing you set it at (triplets, sextuplets, sixteenth notes, eight notes, etc...) and whatever speed for a certain amount of time, making sure you remain in time?
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There are many ways that you can practice with a metronome. The most usual way would be with the click on each beat or the click on 2 and 4.

As for what to play, I play along to a click with everything while I'm practicing. It helps build solid timing and will make you prepared for playing to a click onstage or in a studio.
try starting around 80, play it for a while then up it to 90. after there for a while go back down to 85. It will instantly feel easier. Repeat this process as many times you can.
Great for building alt picking speed
You could also think of the metronome as your drummer, albeit a pretty boring drummer. He'll at least keep your foot in time.

So, one alternative is to simply play with him.
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Exactly as mr_magic says. Think at it as a drummer, you dont follow, every beat, but those beats who fits your melody. It's just keeping the beat for you
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